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Our History


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Founded in 1966, the company SANDERMANS TRANSPORTS (BCE 0402.653.631) has become over the years a renowned and essential player in the sector of road transport of goods and merchandise (ADR or inert – under controlled or ambient temperatures) in the region of Mons and throughout Belgium.


In 2012, in order to respond to various requests for inventory management and storage space rental, the company diversified and formed its logistics company (SANDERMANS LOGISTICS SA-BCE 0847.081.796).


It now has a 2,000 m² hangar, and two 10,000 m² hangars on the ground where mainly inert materials are stored (pre-printed corrugated cardboard boxes intended for packaging, archives, glass bottles, school materials) as well as only ADR merchandise at room temperature (mainly organic peroxides).


Always in response to the requests of its customers and with a view to development and long-term investments in the region, SANDERMANS LOGSITICS submitted in 2021, in collaboration and on land purchased from IDEA, a permit application authorizing the construction of a new 7,000 m² hall on rue des Roseaux in Saint Ghislain. The work was completed at the end of 2022.


In view of the demand, the first negotiations with its potential customers and the deadlines for completing these logistics projects, the group's management believes that it is now once again necessary to initiate a new storage project and continue its expansion. linear and rational.

Sandermans Logistics would like, for the sake of consistency, efficiency and organization of work, to be able to use its preferential right on the plot adjacent to the land it owns on rue des Roseaux in order to establish a similar building there.


Established in the Ghlin area for nearly 60 years and employing nearly 70 workers from the region (administrators, employees, drivers, mechanics, warehouse workers), the SANDERMANS Group is a family group with family values that aspires to healthy and ethical growth. .

Some dates


Year of foundation

Isidore Sandermans takes over the family business by creating the company Sandermans Transports.


New arrival

Chantal Sandermans, daughter of Isidore Sandermans, joins the administration of the family business.


New arrival

The Sandermans group continues to grow and creates its logistics branch with the creation of Sandermans Logistics and the inauguration of a logistics building.


Inauguration of a new building


Jean Sandersmans decides to create his own transport company specializing in international moving. This is the departure of the family business.


Creation of Sandersmans Transport

Jean-Pierre Sandermans, nephew of Isidore Sandermans, joins his uncle to work with the family.


The company is growing

Isabelle Sandermans, last daughter of Isidore Sandermans, also joins her father and sister in the family business.


Creation of Sandermans Logistics

10 years after its creation, Sandermans Logistics inaugurates a new 7,000 m² building on rue des Roseaux in Saint-Ghislain to meet the needs of its existing customers and its new customers.

to be continued

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